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    Good, affordable gear for your pup!

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    My dog is anxious in the car and jumps all over the place? Can you help with some travel tips?


    1. Secure them in the vehicle with a travel crate or harness

    2. Exercise before every trip. A tired dog doesn't is a good dog

    Click through to the following:

    Travel Crate

    Travel Harness

    Travel Straps

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    Coco is missing the pee pad with her #2's when I'm not home, what do I do?

    @jasenkaplan @cocothepup rescued by @kellyosbourne

    Coco has gone through a period where she was consistently rewarded for eliminating on the pad. Over time, she got so good at it, we stopped rewarding her when she used the pad or we simply weren't home. Now, she is at a crossroads. When she needs to go and you aren't there, she can't decide if it's really worth walking all the way to the pad or just going where she is. Here is your DIY... you need to be able to start rewarding her again when you aren't home, but she chooses the pad. Here ya go:

    1. PETCUBE

    2. FURBO

    3. PETZI

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    We just got a new puppy, what's the best way to discourage biting?


    1. bait and switch- redirect the biting to something that they can chew on.

    2. puppies go through a teething process, just like children. Use chewing devices like a bully stick or stuffing a PUPPY KONG.

    3. Don't ever punish your puppy for biting, think prevention, not intervention!


    ***KONG RECIPE***