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    Our team is dedicated to helping you identify the best place to start with your dog, and the customized package that will provide the most value. We promote positive, calm behaviors and overall health and wellness.


    We provide these 3 primary services with full details of each offering below:

    • Private Training (classroom style or in-home)
    • DogFit (Walk & Train)
    • Stay & Train (for current clients only)

    Private Training

    • 1:1 sessions with a professional dog trainer focusing on helping you build a positive relationship with your pet based on love, trust and respect.
    • Focusing on puppies to adults, basic and advanced obedience, preventing unwanted behaviors, and in special cases this would also include behavior modification.

    All private training sessions are done in your home,

    typically in a 60-minute session. Packages are available.


    DogFit (Walk & Train)

    DogFit allows us to become your personal trainer for both you and your dog. We understand that you have a busy schedule and we don't want your dog to miss out. We can help you make sure your dog(s) get enough exercise.


    Does your dog have too much energy? Does your dog pull, lunge, or go crazy on the leash? Then your dog may just need more walks, but not just any walk. Our certified dog trainer will ensure that your dog gets a structured walk to help prevent problems from getting worse. Giving your dog a walk is the right thing to do, but if it’s done the wrong way it can continuously reinforce a behavior that you don’t like. Our professional team will make sure your dog is getting consistency on their walks while reinforcing good behaviors.



    We specialize in basic and advanced obedience as well

    as behavioral issues such as, but not limited to:

    • Anxiety
    • Fear aggression
    • Dog/people aggression
    • Leash aggression
    • Leash reactivity
    • Territorial
    • Protective
    • Possessive
    • Defensive
    • Social
    We offer training in private and group class settings dealing with,
    but not limited to, the following:
    • potty training
    • crate training
    • unwanted barking
    • biting
    • jumping
    • nipping
    • chewing
    • separation anxiety
    • no pull leash walking
    • fear and aggression
    • acclimation to skateboards, bikes, cars, children, squirrels, etc.

    Basic and Advanced Obedience (hand and verbal cues) include:

    • sit
    • stay
    • down
    • come/recall
    • leave it
    • settle/relax
    • crawl
    • rollover
    • name recognition
    • back up
    • drop it/give
    • target
    • tricks



    60-minute session of DogFit includes:

    • 10-15 minutes of reinforcement of current target behaviors or commands by a certified trainer. These target behaviors could include, but not limited to:
      • sit/stay/come
      • go to your crate
      • drop it
      • leave it
      • Off
      • Wait
    • 30-40 minute brisk walk or indoor play and acclimation (indoor days are due to puppies not having all their shots or inclement weather)
    • Loose leash walking
    • Conditioning to children, skateboards, scooters, other dogs, loud noises
    • Daily report on problems, progress and topics covered. This is done in the last 10 minutes of the training session

    A customized plan is put together by GADT LLC to meet your dog's specific needs. At the end of each month, Travis Brorsen, GADT Owner & Founder, will do an evaluation on each pup to ensure progress is being made.


    Our DogFit trainers only duty is to execute their specific task for a specific day. They are not allowed to address any other issues without Travis present. All questions outside of their specific goals for that period will be redirected to Travis or another senior trainer. This is to help ensure our DogFit trainers accomplish their goals.


    All structured walks are private walks, limited to one dog at a time to ensure specific issues are being addressed and managed properly unless otherwise requested by the owner.



    Stay & Train

    Exclusive offering to clients we work with on a regular basis.


    Peace of mind is what you should have when you are away from your pets. We offer a premium Stay & Train service to our clients that we work with regularly. A certified Stay & Train dog trainer* from our team will stay in your home and care for your pets as if they were their own. Your pet will receive the following on a daily basis:

    • Love, respect and compassion Minimum three walks per day
    • Never left alone for more than three hours
    • Minimum of two training sessions per day, done at mealtime
    • Daily report card of challenges, progress and notes
    • Continuation of current behaviors being taught (puppy training and basic obedience)


    You will receive short videos and pictures will be uploaded daily to our Instagram page so you can check in on your pooch at any time. Pictures can be sent directly as requested

    *Most Stay & Train Trainers are certified in PET CPR


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