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    Natasha (Tasha) Bute

    Head of Training: Puppy basic/advanced obedience and adolescent behavior modification specialist

    Certified GADT Trainer, certified CGC Evaluator, Speaks English/Spanish. Certified in Pet CPR.


    Natasha Bute has over 1,000 hours of training with GADT LLC. She loves animals with an unparalleled intensity. Having been around dogs her entire life this Bronx, NY native fostered a technical understanding of animals at an early age; but Tasha also has an innate talent for canine communication.


    At age 2, Tasha was given her first puppy, Mookie, a Peek-A-Pom (Pekingese/Pomeranian). Tasha is no stranger to the demands of training dogs with overwhelming personalities. As an avid pitbull lover, she has worked continually with rescues and high risk animals throughout her professional career. Tasha incorporates compassion, understanding, reward based interaction and trust building in her technique, to establish an enduring bond between clients and their pets. By maintaining positive energy and confidence she is able to utilize acute and targeted methodology to ensure both the pet and owner have a stress-free experience.


    After 5+ years working with a nationally known chain as the lead trainer, Tasha shifted focus to animal activism and pet owner education. Since partnering with Travis Brorsen and GADT LLC, Tasha hopes to increase awareness/understanding of both common and complex issues within the canine world. Whether through involvement with events or community outreach.


    Tasha Studied at Nassau Community College in 2003, relocating to Florida to further her education. Once she returned to New York, the obvious path was one pertaining to animal care. She currently lives in Newark NJ, with her two dogs; Skittles, an 8yr old Schnorkie (Schnauzer/Yorkie) , and Cupcake a 9 month old Shitzu-Terrier.

  • Tasha is a Certified CGC Evaluator

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    The Canine Good Citizen Program is a program that encourages owners to have fun with their dogs. Harsh corrections are not permitted in the test and are grounds for dismissal. Throughout the CGC test, Evaluators can encourage handlers to PRAISE and interact with their dogs.

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    Mandy Jimenez

    Certified Canine Coach Trainer and Stay & Train

    Mandy was born in Grand Junction, Colorado. She has a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a Masters of Science in Accounting from Baruch College. She grew up on a farm on the Western Slope of Colorado with many animals, cats, dogs, sheep, cows, horses, chickens, rabbits…. You name it, they had it! In her spare time she likes to do CrossFit, read, explore the food scene with her husband, and play frisbee at the park with her dog, Lady.


    My life with pets:

    I have a 5 ½ year old lab/hound mix named Lady. She loves hiking and bananas. My favorite pet when I was a kid was a grey Himalayan named Ellie who used to sleep on my pillow. My favorite thing about Lady is she is so loving. She loves being around people and being doted upon.


    Greatest life lesson: I regret the things I didn’t have the courage to do.


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    Jamison Scott

    Certified Canine Coach Trainer

    Jamison Scott is the son of a preacher man from Riverton, Kansas. Born into a musical family he started singing at an early age in his father’s church. Performing came very naturally to Jamison and the rest is history. Working in shows from the Ozarks to Las Vegas to New York City this avid singer/actor/songwriter has been featured in the Broadway companies of Memphis, Grease, Spiderman, and moat recently Motown the Musical. He can be heard singing Bohemian Rhapsody with Constantine Maroulis on the album “Killer Queen” -A tribute to Queen and in the movie Hairspray starring John Travolta. He has appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The 62nd and 65th Annual Tony Awards and in the Web Series Sillyocity- episode: “Valentine’s Mistake”. Jamison has headlined for Royal Caribbean, Holland America, and Princess Cruise Lines and recently released his debut album “Walk A Mile” on iTunes and all digital stores.


    Connect with Jamison:

    Twitter @JamisonScottR

    Facebook @thejamisonscott



    My life with pets:

    I have a Toy Fox Terrier named Chesko, 10 years old. My favorite thing about Chesko is he loves to cuddle when we take naps and he is a great listener and waits for commands.
    What I love about dogs is that they are so loyal and are always there when you need them. Coming home to a dog that is so happy to see you makes coming home the best!

    Greatest life lesson: Never try to be like someone else. You are who you are for a reason.


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    Kate Loprest

    Certified Canine Coach Trainer and Stay and Train

    Kate Loprest grew up in Deerfield, IL: directly between the city of Chicago and the southern border of Wisconsin. Deerfield's location is in large part responsible for who she is today. On any given weekend as a kid, you would find Kate downtown Chicago seeing Broadway shows or hanging out with her grandma in Northern Illinois, riding horses and playing with her large pack of Black Labradors. Animals have ALWAYS been a central part of my family. Kate has a BFA in Musical Theatre from the University of Michigan. Her Broadway credits include First Date, Hairspray, Xanadu, Wonderland, The Drowsy Chaperone. TV credits include Boardwalk Empire, I Love You...But I Lied, Running Wilde and Days of Our Lives.


    My life with pets:

    My family has always been partial to cocker spaniels and 6 years ago, I adopted my first Cockalier, Georgie Girl. That experience had such a profound impact on my life that I started volunteering with multiple animal rescue organizations in New York City. Adopting Georgie is the best thing I have ever done. She’s the appendage I never knew I was missing. I hope everyone considers adopting an animal at some point in their life. I love cooking, particularly with my crock pot.There’s nothing better than coming home to a warm, delicious meal and a furry friend.


    Check out www.KateLoprest.com


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    Jared Zirilli​

    Jared was born in Queens, New York and has a BFA in Musical Theatre from Ithaca College. He has had multiple television roles on shows such as Blue Bloods, Law & Order: SVU and Blindspot just to name a few. Jared has worked on many Broadway and regional productions. Jared has a gift with dogs, so in his spare time, he works with Greatest American Dog Trainers. He grew up on Long Island in an awesomely supportive family. Pizza every Friday. Went to the theater high school. Mom was a teacher and dad was a therapist. But his mom would never let them have a dog, though they begged her. Now he just LOVES on everyone else’s pets.


    Greatest life lesson:
    Work hard and you will achieve great things.


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