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                                                           Week 2: Gettin' Iggy Wit It



Week 2: Sit & Stay Level 2, Come & Heel level 1

I hope everyone had a great first week! Please feel free to comment with questions, concerns or success stories. I would love to chime in and help if you need me.

This week we are taking sit and stay to the level. The basic difference is moving from indoors, where we can control the environment and distractions and duplicating the process outside. We want to choose a place that we still have some control; fenced in yard, long leash etc. The key is to start small, just like we did indoors. Then slowly progress as you anticipate success.

Below is this weeks videos and homework sheets. Be patient and have fun!

Come- Level 1

HEEL- Level 1

Stay- Level 2

Sit- Level 2