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Teaching the Basic Command "Sit"

Travis Brorsen's Top Dog Training Tips

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When teaching your dog to sit, one of the first things you need to do is teach the behavior before you teach the command.  That means that they need to learn what you want them to do before you repeatedly tell them to do it.  Follow these steps:

  • Take a treat, let your dog smell it and slowly raise it above your dog’s head

  • If their bottom hits the ground, reward right away. If they a slower to catch on, then as their hind end starts to go down but stops, give them a treat right away at that point.

  • Gradually try to get them to go down further and further and then offer the treat.

  • As soon as their behind hits the floor treat right away.  Keep in mind that you have one to three seconds to reward a behavior.

  • Don’t be frustrated if your dog doesn’t get the sit on the first attempt.  It’s more important to end the session on a positive note and come back to it again the next day.

Key to success- don’t ask your dog to do something you aren’t 99% sure they will accomplish. Example: you have mastered SIT indoors, now you need to master it on the busy streets outside. Before you cross the street you ask your dog to sit. You’ve never practiced outside with traffic, people and other dogs… so you say “sit, sit, SIT… come on, SIT!” Get the idea?

Watch my video below for more details on teaching your dog to SIT

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