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Safety Tips For Dressing Up Your Pooch In Holiday Costumes

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It’s hard to resist cute costumes on your pets during the holiday season, but it’s important for owners to remember that any type of clothing,  jackets or costumes is mostly for you (not your dog)! This depends of course on the amount of the "fur coat" your dog is already wearing. But, clothing or costumes actually prevent dogs from communicating with other dogs and even humans. 

Dogs use signals from their tail, ears, hair and even how they position their bodies to communicate. Placing articles of clothing over your dog's body (ears, body, etc.) can give them a feeling that they're being "dominated," which can cause them to freeze in position until you take off their clothing.  You've all seen that look! But, if you gotta have those reindeer ears (like having more cowbell)... here are a few helpful tips to make sure your dog can like the experience better as well: 

  1. Use treats to make it a positive experience as you put the clothing/costume items on.

  2. Only leave the costume on for a short period of time (not hours)!

  3. Always supervise your pet while wearing clothes or costumes as there are little parts and pieces you have to watch out for.

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Happy Furry Holidays!

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