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How-To Teach the Command "Stay"

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Once your dog has learned how to sit it’s time to teach them how to stay.  It’s important to have both a hand sign and a verbal command for stay so that eventually you can give them a hand sign from a distance.  Once again, be sure to teach the behavior before you add the command.  Follow these steps:

  • Hold a treat between your thumb and your hand so that your dog can see it (“palm” it).

  • Have the dog sit directly in front of you, show them your hand, count to two and then reward

  • Next time show the dog your hand, count to four and then reward.  Be sure to use verbal praise as well.

  • As you progress, begin to move back by adding small steps.

  • Once you know they are starting to understand the behavior, then add the verbal command “stay.”

  • As you move back further and further, when it comes time to reward them move back towards your dog gradually, giving them the “stay command” and then treating.

  • If you go too far and they can no longer stay, go back to the furthest distance where they succeeded and repeat that.

  • Always remember to end on a positive note and continue the training, fresh, the next day.

Remember, your dog’s mind can focus more clearly if you stop, almost like a Polaroid imprint, when you give the command STAY. If you are constantly moving it will be hard for your dog focus.

Watch my video below to learn more

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