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How-To Prevent Your Dog From Jumping Up On People

DIY Dog Training Tips from Travis Brorsen

· DIY Training Tips,Teaching Commands,Too Excited Behavior

When you walk your dog down the street, do people stop and comment on your dog? Then maybe they possibly lean down and pet your pup or even want to try to pick them up? 

Or, does your dog just get jump happy and way too overexcited, maybe bark a lot, too? This behavior turns walking down the street or when strangers come to your house into a total scene! And, as dog owners, we all know that turning things into a scene with your dog(s) isn't what you had on the agenda today.

Always feel that you have the right to ask people not to touch or pet your dog, but if the worst thing that happens if your dog gets excited and jumps on them, here is a quick DIY tip:

As the person approaches, use a high value treat and waft it in front of your dog’s nose. The trick is to keep your dog’s attention, ask them to sit while the person pets them, or while the new person enters your home. Keep the greeting short, calm and positive on the street. And, in your home, just have the new persons give your dog(s) the high value treats as well and make it a much easier "hello" for all!