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How-To Decorate To Make It Safe For Dogs & Cats

Happy (Furry) Holidays!

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There are some key things to remember this Holiday Season when decorating. Keep it safe for your pups and kitties (old and young!) Here's how and watch new video below!

  1. NO NO NO to tinsel

  2. Avoid edible or glass ornaments. These can cause gastrointestinal blockage which can lead to illness and even death

  3. Keep lights high on the tree, preventing your dog or cat from chewing on the lights or being burned by lights that could get too hot is something to remember

  4. Remember that a real tree can contain chemicals, leaving them in the water, your furry ones might think it's water for them. Make sure to cover it.

  5. Above all, prevention is key. If you aren’t in the room to supervise, keep your dog or cats in a separate room or even a crate when you are not home, especially if they're young and don't know any better yet. 
Happy (Furry) Holidays to All!