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                    GETTIN' IGGY WIT IT

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30 days of Iggy

He has one month to get with the program.

No more pulling, no more lunging, no more excuses!

I've never been into blogging, posting, tweeting, commenting or instafacechatgrams (I'm sure that's next!). I'm also not a great writer, but one thing I'm good at...... helping dogs with people problems!

This summer I'm working with a 2 year old German shepherd named Iggy. Iggy is a sweet boy, but he simply grew into his large frame way too fast. He lunges at people, bites and nips when he plays, chases the cats and is protective of his bed, crate and people. These issues will all be addressed in the next month. My goal with Iggy is to take the next 30 days and acclimate him to every sight, sound and smell imaginable as well as reinforce basic commands and teach new ones along the way. We will split our training time between here and the Hamptons. I'm fortunate to have my family with me through the process. To respect the owners privacy, I will not use their names or identify them in anyway. I will however, take YOU step by step on what I call a complete "submersion" program. I want to share this process with you in hopes you can use some of these lessons with your own dogs.... and it's all FREE! If I leave out anything you are interested along the way, please make a comment and I will address it.

Now, I realize that you might not live near the Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty or Shinnecock Hills Golf Club (where they just played the 2018 U.S. Open), so practicing around these environments will be hard to recreate. But what you can do, is find places in your area that present the same challenges.

Each Friday, I will post the homework for the week with video tutorials. This is the material we use with our clients here in NYC and we will be giving it to you..... for FREE! I'm looking forward to hearing your comments, answering questions, addressing issues you might be having and possibly engaging in some instafacechatgrams (whenever that comes out!) So buckle up and enjoy the ride.

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