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DIY Puppy Training Tip: How To Put On A Harness

Travis Brorsen

· DIY Training Tips,Puppy Training

Our new video is up! Some DIY Puppy Training help.

Do you struggle to put a collar or leash on your puppy?

Here's a quick DIY tip to help.

Do you have a hard time getting a harness on your dog?

Do they get over excited or mouthy, especially as a puppy? Stay relaxed and take it one step at a time... Here's a quick DIY:

Step 1: Using a high value TREAT, hold it in front of the harness so your dog's nose can follow it through the loop.

Step 2:  Lure your dogs nose through the loop of the harness.  

Step 3: Clip the harness and reward your dog with another treat or praise.

REMEMBER! Stay calm, relaxed and don't forget to enjoy the time you have with your pup!


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